Monday, November 20, 2006

Political Party Machinations

What does this ...

A convoluted legal spat over the Conservative party's acclamation of Calgary MP Rob Anders will continue after Alberta's Court of Appeal ordered a new judicial review application into the matter.

and this ...

These letters reveal how machine politics work. Those who have decreed I cannot run as a Conservative are unelected and have imposed their will upon an MP who was selected by the people.

and this have in common?

I also believe it is a testament to the Conservative Party that they can attract a candidate of Ms Haskett’s stature.

My Goodness they had to look all the way to Washington D.C. to find her.

If you said that it's proof that the Conservative Party doesn't work right when selecting candidates, you get half marks because that it isn't the whole answer. If you said the problem is selecting candidates in a non-democratic fashion, that's not it either.

Indeed, the problem with the political party system is not when the party selects the candidates in a non-democratic method - be it through nomination protection in Calgary West, caucus eviction in Halton, or candidate parachuting in London-North Centre - the problem is when the individual party members accept the practice as good or as justified. It's not just the Conservative Party either that does this. I'll let you figure out the others.

These parties that do this, should eliminate the electoral district association, or fundamentally change their role. Right now, there is a mistaken perception that the local EDA have a choice in candidate selection. They do not, but the parties pretend they do.

It should be noted when you join a political party and run for the EDA that:
  • Candidates are chosen by the central party headquarters.
  • If in the event that a candidate cannot be selected by central party headquarters, the EDA may solicit requests from the membership and go through an election process. Regardless of that election outcome, the central party headquarters has the right to revoke that candidate's selection at any time, including caucus eviction after a successful election.
So, if you like that, then you should be fine. If you don't like that, then you should move on. That's the way it works, and there's nothing wrong about it.

Again, the problem isn't the party politics - it's the people who support it. Instead of fighting it, leave and find something better. These parties will get the hint, eventually.

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