Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ontario Progressive Conservatives : Time for Action - Skilled Immigrants

The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party has delivered a real plan for new immigrants to Ontario [Ontario PC Party, Time for Action - Skilled Immigrants [PDF]].

There are fourteen recommendations put forward by the party on this issue, which are summarized at the Ontario PC Party website.

The 14 recommendations focus on three broad categories: speeding up the process, helping newcomers once they have arrived and integrating them into our workforce. Some of these recommendations include:
  • Building a really useful, cutting edge web portal that provides accurate credentialing information and opportunities for potential immigrants before they move to Canada. The same portal could and should deliver courses to help people Canadianize their credentials.
  • Expand the Ontario Student Assistance Program to make loans available for new Canadians bridging or upgrading their training.
  • Provide more supports for ESL training – to lower the language barriers that stand in the way of so many new Canadians’ success.
  • Use the platform of TVO to provide effective general language, training and integration information to help new immigrants to adjust to Canada. Training materials produced by TVO would be available on-line to people waiting to come to Canada.
  • Leverage on our existing system of colleges and universities and support them in providing training opportunities overseas.
  • Expand bridging, mentoring and work experience programs for new Canadians by including more small and medium sized businesses. These programs must be attractive, accessible and affordable for smaller enterprises.

Once again, the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario puts together a well thought out policy, after consultations with groups affected.

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Jason Cherniak said...

So they're going to destroy TVO and turn it into a language instruction channel?

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

It's a part of TVOntario's mandate to provide educational services.

Learn with TVO

How is expanding that mandate destroying TVO?

Anonymous said...

At first site it looks great, but I read it in detail and it is nothing but hot air. I blogged on it yesterday

There are no action plans or deliverables, just the issues rephrased!! This is another Tory attempt to fool the immigrants.

While I support the move by the Tories to look into this issue, I'm disappointed that this is another hot air policy which will do nothing to address the real issue. Liberals have shown more deliverables in the last 3 years than what the Tories did in their two terms before that.

Someone like John Tory would know how a business plan should look like and when I see such dumb papers from some one like him, I'm convinced that he is not interested in the good of immigrants and is only trying to win our votes. That is why many Indo-canadians who have voted Tory in the past are now coming out to Liberal fundraisers and support Dalton. This is the beginning of his end with immigrant communities.Game over