Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Motions Are Worse than Legislation

One of the common refrains coming out of this Québécois motion commotion is that it's "no big deal, it's just a motion."

The problem in my mind is, motions are worse than legislation. Why? Legislation can be repealed with the next election. There isn't a government alive that's going to repeal "the will of this House".

At any rate, the motion passed 266-16. Here are the MPs that voted against the motion, courtesy of Views from the Left:
Navdeep Bains
Don Bell
Raymond Chan
Joe Comuzzi
Ken Dryden
Hedy Fry
Jim Karygiannis
Diane Marleau
Bill Matthews
Maria Minna
Dan McTeague
Scott Simms
Paul Steckle
Andrew Telegdi
Garth Turner
Joe Volpe

Good for Michael Chong, for resigning his position as Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs.

I'm not the only one to think it bizarre that an intergovernmental affairs minister was not consulted about a motion involving intergovernmental affairs.

Chong, who was responsible for federal-provincial relations, was left out of the loop when Harper was deciding on the wording of the motion. Instead, the prime minister consulted with former intergovernmental affairs minister Stéphan Dion.

I would have liked it better had Mr. Chong broken ranks and voted against the motion. So much for those free votes the Conservative Party promised.

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