Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Michael Chong - Ousting Pool Update

It's progressing faster than anticipated.

Toronto Star, Tories challenge Chong's account:

Caucus colleagues say they didn't see it coming. But more important, Prime Minister Stephen Harper didn't see it coming.


Chong, in their view, betrayed the Prime Minister by not clearly flagging his intent to resign, and by misrepresenting how Harper dealt with the former minister, whose responsibilities included the unity file.

Plus, the arguments criticizing Michael Chong have already started, if I read this post from Liam correctly:

Michael Chong, obviously having not really listened to or learned anything from many (or any) of his more experienced provincial counterparts or federal cabinet colleagues, decided to bull on with his own rather simplistic view of Canada as a single unitary nation. To be fair, he did the right thing by resigning from cabinet. I'm sure he'll still be an acceptable and effective MP for his riding. He was never a very effective Intergovernmental affairs minister.

How long before Michael Chong is declared persona non grata?

Pick your date.

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Liam O'Brien said...

If you had actually taken the time to read my post, you'd see that the criticism of Michael Chong as intergovernmental affairs minister started in my home province of Newfoundland and Labrador some eight or more months ago when he showed the country that he didn't understand his party's or his government's policy on the Canada-NL and Canada-NS offshore oil revenue accords. Chong blurted out his own arrogant opinion on those things and passed it off as government policy. His office then spent time sending out retraction/backpedalling letters to people in my region.

He might be a decent MP in his own neck of the woods, but his record as intergovernmental affairs shows he clearly didn't understand much of Canada outside of fortress Ontario. . .

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

For the record.

I don't have an opinion on Mr. Chong's capability as an MP.

I also don't have an opinion on Mr. Chong's capability or lack thereof as Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs.

I also did take the time to read your post.

I merely stated that criticism of Mr. Chong has begun. I'm sorry if I missed your earlier criticism, otherwise I would have started the Michael Chong Ousting Pool earlier.

Liam O'Brien said...

It's certainly not my belief that anything he has done to date warrants anything like removal from caucus. Far from it. For that matter, I was among those who beleieved that many of the Halton board's questions re Garth were fair and should have been answered in detail. . . better still, the "line" that was supposedly crossed should have been laid out in writing in a specific detailed written decision. That never happened. That is very unfortunate.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Fair enough.