Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ignatieff Should Go Jump in a Lake

Don't you hate saying I told you so? I know I don't.

From the Toronto Sun, Mercer factor.

The skinny dipping stunt may have given [Liberal leadership candidate Bob] Rae the kind of bounce Bill Clinton got from his 1991 sax stunt on Arsenio Hall. "It was certainly a moment," said Mercer.

For those that missed it.

Let's have a look at the old polling factories [Angus Reid, Rae Would Get More Liberal Votes in Canada]:

Former Ontario premier Bob Rae is the most popular contender in the race for the leadership of Canada’s Liberal party, according to a poll by Decima Research released by the Canadian Press. 37 per cent of respondents say they are more likely to support the Liberals if Rae, who governed the country’s most populous province as a member of the New Democratic Party (NDP), is their leader.

Of course, this poll was released in November.

What was the poll saying before his appearance - say, from a poll released September 25 [Angus Reid, Ignatieff Leads Liberal Hopefuls in Canada]:

Academic Michael Ignatieff is regarded as the best prospective leader for the opposition Liberal party in Canada, according to a poll by The Strategic Counsel released by CTV and the Globe and Mail. 35 per cent of respondents think Ignatieff would be a good or very good choice.

Former Ontario premier Bob Rae—who governed Canada’s most populous province as a member of the New Democratic Party (NDP)—is second with 33 per cent, followed by former social development minister Ken Dryden with 30 per cent, former environment minister Stéphane Dion and former Ontario education minister Gerard Kennedy with 24 per cent each, and former public works and government services minister Scott Brison with 21 per cent.

I wonder what the polls would say if Ignatieff went and jumped in a lake.

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Olaf said...


Interesting idea, but I don't know if it follows. I mean, you could maybe attribute Rae's rise in the polls to getting naked and jumping in the lake, or you could attribute it to Ignatieff constantly screwing up over the past 2 months.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

It's not conclusive, sure, but it would have been funny to see another Liberal leadership candidate jump into a lake.

Especially, if he saw it as a way to escape his screw ups.


Anonymous said...

Ignatieff would first want you to define "lake", in its sociological sense of course, and then he would propose to change it by moving it a bit more to the right, while affirming his political courage by taking a political stance on the diving board ... and then perhaps, unless he has in the meantime changed his mindd, he might dive in.

Olaf said...

Well put Cat...