Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Toronto's crime rate is down [CTV, Crime rates down significantly in 2006: police]:

Crime and safety was the number one issue for voters in an exclusive CTV News poll, and police statistics show the overall crime rate is down significantly.

The 2006 violent crime stats are as follows:

  • Homicides are down 13.4 per cent;
  • Gun-related killings are down 46.7 per cent; and
  • The number of shootings is down 18.7 per cent.

Safe injection sites are working [CBC News, Vancouver's safe injection site successful: study]:

Vancouver's safe injection site is slowing down the spread of HIV and helping drug users quit their habits, a new study finds — but an expert suggested that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government won't want to hear those results.

The study, which will appear Tuesday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, says the three-year-old Supervised Injection Site in the Downtown Eastside has been a great success.

The number of gay marriages in Canada is rising, and yet not a single smiting or pillar of salt to be found [Globe & Mail, Same-sex marriages are on the rise, study says]:

Wedding bells are ringing for a growing number of same-sex couples across Canada, according to data compiled by Canadians for Equal Marriage, an organization that backs the country's current marriage law.

The data, to be released this morning, shows that more than 2,300 same-sex couples obtained marriage licences over a five-month period beginning in June -- nearly a quarter of the national total for the entire previous three years.

What else could possibly go wrong with this country?

We might find out that pragmatism might actually work at times?

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