Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thought Experiment : Advocacy vs Research

If women's groups are not allowed to use public funds to do research on issues, what do political parties do to deserve public funds [CTV Politics Blog, Political parties get their cheques]:?

For the record, then, we note today that Elections Canada has sent out the "allowances" to registered political parties which qualify for support and here's how much each party received:

  • Conservative Party of Canada: $2,515,737
  • Liberal Party of Canada: $2,096,926
  • New Democratic Party of Canada: $1,212,255
  • Bloc Quebecois: $727,092
  • Green Party of Canada: $310,867

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Michael Fox said...

Actually, I'm against those allowances too.

The Liberals brought those in to line their pockets, as if they weren't doing that in enough other ways.

I would love it if they got rid of those.

Alex Sloat said...

What do political parties do to deserve public funds? Not a damn thing. This is the danger of letting politicians pass laws...