Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Makes You Go Hmmm....

I'm not sure what's funnier.

The fact that Rick Mercer has set up a "Stay, Fortier, Stay" petition ...

Dear Prime Minister:

We, the undersigned, support your conviction that The Honourable Michael Fortier remain an unelected Cabinet Minister and retain his Senate seat until such time as you deem fit.

The Undersigned

... or that people are signing it.

He said FROM THE START that he would resign and run ONLY AT THE NEXT GENERAL ELECTION. Plus Montreal needs somebody in cabinet. People should understand the situation before becoming cynical.

CBC sucks

I can't believe we are funding a raging communist like Rick Mercer with our tax dollars. Mr. Harper, it's time to pull the plug on the CBC!

And the unintentional irony quote goes ...

Because of Fortier and Emerson, Harper has a government that is represented nationally... that's a lot better than what those grits could pull off.

Minus the fact that the Liberal Party actually did elect representation nationally, minus the fact that "unelected senators" are supposed to be bad, and minus the whole David Emerson thing.

Those three "facts" mean nothing when Canadians don't understand the situation. Canadians are getting cynical for the wrong reasons.

How come nobody talks about Gomery any more, for instance, instead of Fortier?

Oh wait. See, now I'm being cynical for the wrong reasons.

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