Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Garth Turner Suspended from Tory Caucus

As a vocal supporter of Garth Turner, I can't say I'm entirely pleased by the Ontario caucus decision to unanimously vote for his removal from the Conservative Party. In fact, I think it stinks.

On the one hand, you have seemingly questionable tactics used to protect sitting incumbents for whatever reason.

But, on the other hand ...

Well, there really is no other hand.

I'm going to have to think on this a little bit.

Update: Garth's blog has a post up [, Holy Smokes!] to talk about his expulsion from the Conservative caucus.

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Anonymous said...

What does that sitting incumbent issue have to do with Garth? Are you saying you can't defend Garth on his own merits?

Distraction is always the first sign of a lost argument. If you're trying to defend Garth, you should probably do that.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Oh please, Surecure.

I have defended Garth on his own merits, here and here.

If you read my first post about Garth, you may see the connection between the incumbent issue and Mr. Turner.

If not, feel free to come back and I'll connect the dots.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry... did you think that he was kicked out of caucus because of some ill-attempt at a nomination challenge? I think you may have confused the events of today.

He was kicked out of both the Provincial and Federal caucuses -- unanimously kicked out I will add -- because not a single one of his fellow caucus members were comfortable with his presense in light of his blog entries and constant public jabs. This had nothing to do with that nomination challenge, which was a local issue alone.

While you may have defended Garth in regards to a nomination challenge within his riding, I stand by my original post that what you wrote above does nothing to defend Garth on his own merits in light of the Provincial and Federal level events of today.

Two different events. Three levels of government. And not one unifier.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

I support Garth Turner.

I don't support the Ontario caucus decision, nor the National caucus decision to support it.


Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Oh, and by the way.

I'm not confused about the events that happened today. I just happen to see things in a bigger picture.

Anonymous said...

Garth asked in his Press Conference "why today?"

The answer is simple.

The PMO was desperate to deflect attention away from today's public opinion poll which shows no good news for Stephen Harper.

Today, under normal circumstances, would have been the day that grumblings began within the Tory caucus, probably leaking to the media about Stephen Harpers hamfisted leadership.

Do you think the 10 Tory MP's from Quebec are happy today with Poll numbers showing not a single one of them re-electable?

Stephen Harper needed a diversion today, unfortunately Iggy was not providing any new fodder,and Garth was it!

Anonymous said...

Bigger picture... are even some members of the conservative side of things starting to think there is a vast right-wing conspiracy whereby all things are connected?

anonymous: Harper must be omnipotent if he was able to convince every single one of his MP's in the space of the two or three hours between the release of that poll and Garth being ousted that it was what was needed to be done. I don't think even the Republicans have been able to hold that kind of power over all of their members.

Give it up...

Oxford County Liberals said...

This just reinforces the notion that Harper is unwilling and unable to tolerate dissent within the Tory caucus.. he has them all under tight leases, and when Turner showed he wasnt willing to put up with that, he got booted.

Slavish loyalty to the program MUST be maintained is Harper's motto.

Remember when he was decrying Martin for failing to fix the deficit in democracy? Well.. e once again has back-tracked on another issue and done even worse then the former government he was vilifying.