Monday, October 16, 2006


Sorry kids , though I STILL haven't gotten official word from the RSSN camp , it seems the HB , Magni and myself have been unceremoniously bumped off the tour for financial reasons . They SAY it's financial , but I know what REALLY went down .... I clearly haven't slept with enough people . I thought I got all of em' but a few were kinda squirrely and escaped my lusty grip . DANG IT !!

Dave Navarro called me to get the scoop , even HE didn't know what the heck was going on . (Note to self: Don't sleep with Dave Navarro , he isn't in the loop ... )

I , personally, intend to call everyone I slept with , (who gave me real names and numbers) and get to the bottom of it all . If you bought tickets just to see me or Magni or the HB ... my apologies . We may still do something independantly of RSSN or in conjunction with , as we all still have deep affection and respect for one another ... plus, I haven't slept with ANY of those guys ... so we're still cool .
[H/T, Reality Blurred]

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