Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bad Poll

According to a Toronto Star / EKOS poll, Bob Rae is the public's favourite to lead the Liberal Party of Canada.

The 1,211 Canadians polled between Oct. 10-12 gave Rae 26 per cent of the public vote while Ignatieff received 21 per cent. Former Ontario education minister Gerard Kennedy and Quebec MP Stephane Dion both received 12 per cent of the vote.

... the poll also suggests that Canadians think Ignatieff will have a better chance of winning in the next federal election.

On that question, he captured 30 per cent of the public vote while Rae garnered 26 per cent. Kennedy received 10 per cent of the vote while Dion received 9 per cent.

So, in short, Canadians want Bob Rae to lead the Liberal Party, but are more likely to vote Liberal if Michael Ignatieff is leader.

More ice for your drink? :-)

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Anonymous said...

You missed the most important point. 28% don't want any of them.

Anonymous said...

In addition, just to show how lame this poll was, when asked who should lead the Liberal party, the real winner was "Don't Know" with 28% which beat Rae's 26% and Iggy's 21%. Don't Know doesn't mean not sure at this time, it means "who are these people?" Nobody even knows who these people are.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, if this was a Conservative leadership race and "don't know" came out the winner, the media would have been all over that little fact pointing out how this is the death knell for the CPC.

Yet - nothing - watching the media's actions while they deny that they are biased is priceless.