Friday, October 27, 2006


This blog is no longer associated with the Blogging Tories, probably to the relief of some [ ;-) ].

As to the "why", while I still consider myself a "small-b" blogging Tory, I don't think I can necessarily vocally support the Conservative Party of Canada for a number of reasons, and would like to promote progressive conservative polices irregardless of the political party. I find myself questioning decisions and policies more often than not; a non-stop whine-a-thon, I guess, if you're of an opposite point of view.

In short, I don't think the Conservative Party is my federal political home any more. Maybe it will be again, one day.


Anonymous said...

Vote Green. They're the party of choice for dissenters of the Conservatives, corrupt Liberals, and special-interest pleading dippers.

Oxford County Liberals said...

I just love the "corrupt Liberals" line.

Conservatives of all stripes apparently like to blame anyone but themselves for theie troubles. Bush's supporters still blame Clinton for everything - and he hasnt been President for 6 years. Harper and his bunch are trying to do the same thing - call the Liberals corrupt ... yet its thm who are in power, not the Liberals. they're the one's with the levers of power and screwing it up.

gfdgfdfd said...

Welcome aboard! More and more former Progressive Conservative are jumping off Harper's neo-con bandwagon, and understandably so.

It seems to me that it's only a matter of time before even the former Reform/Alliance members call for Harper's head, given his contempt for local decision making and grassroots democracy. He seems more akin to Stalin than Mulroney.

Saskboy said...

I added the BT blogroll months ago and asked to be included on it, but never got a response. So I removed the roll and just left the graphic the other day.

I'm a Liberal originally, who has gone Green, since there's no other alternative I'm comfortable with.

Zorpheous said...

I knew it would be only a matter of time, cause any blogger who uses one of the Blues Brothers as their Avatar certainly isn't going to keep swallowing the guff from the BT'ers and the CPoP.

Yet like you, I still hold high hopes for John Tory with his balanced approach between economies, environment and service to the voters, McSquinty has done an ok job, but I think, feel and believe that John will a much better job.

Federally though I have been without a political home for years and the house that Harpo is making is not where I wish to hang my political hat. With each passing day my views and concerns about Harpo are confirmed with how he is running the governemnt in the exact mannor that he said he wouldn't.

Consider the Greens, so many of us are still consider ourselves as PC Tories are there. We are trying to bring that party into the meanstream and shape the policies to reflect realistic and do-able action plans that with have both environmental and economic pay offs for our country, citizins and companies.

D said...

The Green Party is home to many former Progressive Conservatives, as well as the LPC.

Since the "merger" between the CA and PC parties, 800,000 former CA and PC votes went somewhere other than the "united" Conservative Party.

Many PCs feel abandoned. That's why I am a member of the Progressive Canadian party. We're small, but we're dedicated.

Personally, I call myself a Red-Green Tory and I have often thought of becoming a Green if my hopes in the PC party of today fizzles out completely.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club :-)

I think as bloggers, we are also likely to experience something that the general citizen and voter doesn't.

Bloggers are journalists, whether our colleagues in the MSM like it or not, and as journalists, it is hard to praise one party all the time and overlooking its shortcomings (which every party has). So, naturally, we start noticing and writing about those shortcomings and problems within the party we belong to, and sooner or later (and that's the point in time when the blogger becomes a journalist), we have to realize that we cannot be partisan anymore to the point of complete blindness.

Of course, journalists and editorialists have their individual biases too, and sometimes they shine through the article or editorial, and that's not a bad thing at all. But true journalistic integrity is found in the ability to criticize the very party you vote for and/or belong to or used to belong to (example: Kinsella, once a Liberal, now no longer a member of the party, dishes it out left, right and centre).

I applaud your move, because it shows that you are no longer "just" a blogger.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Thanks, all.

Jacques Beau Vert said...

It's really getting wearying being able to predict blogger's responses based on their party affiliation - there are way, way too few independent bloggers out there. This is a nice move to witness, mister. Best of luck to you after your decision. I've never had any party colour, and I'm thinking of voting Green. We'll see next election. :)

Anonymous said...

I believe Jim can make his own decision on party affiliation.

Anonymous said...

Good show, if you're looking for someplace to go, don't.

Don't support any political party, they all act pretty much the same as soon as they're in power anyway.

Anonymous said...

I just love how you Liberals change your colours like the seasons of the year.
Werner Patels being the maple tree of all leaf turners.

i'm sure you long for the return of Brian Mulroney and/or his love child from Belinda Stronach, Justin Trudeau.