Sunday, October 01, 2006

5 Things Feminism Has Done for Me

I know this post is going to generate the Inevitable Hate MailTM that a number of my posts have generated from a certain segment of the population. In support for Women's History Month in Canada, I'm presenting my post on the "Feminism" meme.

To begin, this Conservative unequivocally supports Status of Women Canada, and I'm troubled at the attempts to marginalize this agency.

What is the Status of Women Canada?

Status of Women Canada (SWC) is the federal government agency which promotes gender equality, and the full participation of women in the economic, social, cultural and political life of the country. SWC focuses its work in three areas: improving women's economic autonomy and well-being, eliminating systemic violence against women and children, and advancing women's human rights.

There is a meme at Progressive Bloggers to list the 5 things feminism has done for the blogger. Here are mine.

1) Feminism has taught me tolerance. It's easy to have an opinion, but it's much harder to believe it when you know you're wrong.

There is, however, a very real danger that this progress has led many people to think that we have truly achieved equality for women in Canada. Much as we would like it to be so, it is simply not the case. In 2005, only one in every five Members of Parliament is a woman. The same holds true, in general, across the legislatures of the provinces and territories. Girls are the victims of more than four out of five cases of sexual assault on minors. Four out of five one-parent families are headed by women. The employment income gap between male and female university graduates who work full time has widened. Women working full time still earn only 71 cents for every dollar that men make. Women do the large majority of unpaid work in Canada.

2) Feminism has given us a tremendous history.

3) Feminism has given us a tremendous future.

4) Feminism has shown us the true value of liberty for everyone, and why liberty is a fight worth fighting.

5) Feminism has shown us we all have a long way to go, to protect liberty already won.

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Monkey Loves to Fight said...

Good to hear there are still a few Progressive Tories left. I fully agree with your statements and wish more Tories had a more progressive outlook towards women's rights. One can support economic freedom, smaller government, free markets, and lower taxes while at the same time endorsing women's rights. Unfortunately with the Tories having too many social conservatives, that seems to not be happening.

Anonymous said...

I would support SOW if they supported ALL women and not just those with the "right" political agendas!! They talk about fairness and equality, let's see them live it!!

A girl named Charley

Michael Fox said...

Loser. :)

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

TT, I'm special. :)