Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Turner-McVety Debate

So, I caught the Garth Turner / Dr. Charles McVety debate on the Michael Coren Show last night. There is one big question I have for the more socially conservative of my readers.

Do you believe that Dr. McVety is really the best individual you have to engage in public discussions about legislating social conservatism? He came across extremely poor last night - his position was reduced to actually really no position at all and baseless ad hominem attacks. Is this the guy you want helping to choose candidates for elections?

Updated: The Garth Turner / Dr. Charles McVety debate is now available via Google.

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Mike said...

That must have been quite the circus. I'm not a big Garth Turner fan, but he must have eaten McVety for lunch (haven't caught the video yet).

All the more irony is that it was on the show of a man who wants to nuke Iran, a country that poses no threat to the west (even if they actually had nukes themselves)

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

It was ridiculous.

Both Garth and Michael Coren had to repeatedly correct Dr. McVety for attributing positions to Mr. Turner he does not hold, for attributing positions to Stephen Harper he does not hold, and for attributing statutes to legislation that do not exist.

Intermix that with, "you hate Christians" and "you called us the Taliban".

I'm literally surprised that this guy is considered a strong force in Canadian politics.