Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mid-Life Crisis Wish List : Harley Night Rod Special

SS's recent birthday has reminded me of my own oncoming birthday in a couple of months where I'll be turning 33, which means you guys need to start thinking about my Mid-Life Crisis presents.

To start, I'd like the Harley Davidson Night Rod Special.
The VRSCDX Night Rod Special, which Harley's release calls "the evil twin brother of the Night Rod," is easily distinguished with a wicked style set by an almost totally blacked-out finish. Its dark side is apparent almost everywhere, including the 120-horsepower engine, the hyrdoformed frame, back fork sliders, black triple clamps, swingarm, color-matched black screen visor, brushed Straight-shot Dual exhaust with black end caps, black exhaust shields, black Machined Slotted Disc cast aluminum wheels with orange pin-striping and a black on (you guessed it!) black paint scheme. The seat has been restyled slightly.
It's a proven fact that chicks dig a guy on a black motorcycle. Proooo-ven.


medicmatt said...

I could totally see Jimjim riding a black Harley. I, however, couldn't pull off anything more intimidating than a Vespa with a basket on the back.

the digitalman said...

I own it... I love it...
It just needs some really loud pipes! my marinated in bad machine is too damn quite!

the digitalman