Friday, September 29, 2006

Canadian Blog Hockey League (CBHL)

It's time once again to lace up your virtual skates for the Canadian Blog Hockey League. It's a Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey Pool for Canadian bloggers. I came 14th out of a huge number of teams last season - that's HUGE - I think 14th was like in the top percentile. Yes, 14th out of 20 is in the top percentile. :)

Andrew, from Bound by Gravity, is the pool commissioner.

Here are the details - the draft is happening October 4.

Pool Type: Yahoo, Points Only
Draft: October 4, autodraft

Max Moves: 15
Max Trades: Unlimited

2 - Goal
1 - Assist
.5 - Plus/Minus
.5 - PIM
+2 - Power play point
+2 - Shorthanded point
+3 - Game winning goal
.25 - Shot on Goal

Goalie Points:
5 - Win
+5 - Shutout

Send an email to Andrew ( to sign up!

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