Thursday, September 14, 2006

Auditor General : Liberal Party Environmental Programs

Of course, the cynical monkey just won't go away on the timing of the report [Globe & Mail, Auditor set to slam Liberals over Kyoto]:

The Auditor-General's Office is poised to release a scathing assessment of Liberal spending programs linked to the Kyoto climate accord. The report is expected to land Sept. 28, within days of the announcement of the Conservative government's environmental plan.


The source said the audit's criticisms include actions at Environment Canada when it was led by former minister St├ęphane Dion. Mr. Dion is currently campaigning for the leadership of the Liberal Party and has made environmental policy a central part of his platform. He was environment minister from July of 2004 until the government's defeat Jan. 23, 2006.

Regardless of the convenient timing of the Auditor General's report and the release of the Conservative Party's environmental "Made-in-Canada" plan, St├ęphane Dion needs to hit the ground running on this and hit it running now, or it's going to make him and the Liberal Party look horrible on environmental issues, more so than it already does - that is if, of course, the Auditor General's report is half as scathing as the article suggests.

The Liberal Party will not be able to own the environment as a credible policy plank anymore if the report, as suggested, shows the Liberal Party incapable of managing programs related to the environment - contrary to the opinions of some. Doubly worrisome to the Liberals, if there is the possibility of another general election coming in the near future, this report will linger fresh in the minds of Canadians like another certain Auditor General's report as an example of its inability to effectively manage government programs, especially in the minds of Canadians wanting strong environmental policy and especially if they choose Mr. Dion as their leader.

More important to Mr. Dion, his bid centres around his record as Environment Minister and his plan for the environment. Could the Liberal Party afford to elect him as leader?

Of course, this is all speculation based upon a report that has yet to be delivered. Depending on what the report says, it'll be interesting to see what happens in the Liberal Party.

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HearHere said...

Interesting that this auditor's report was COMPLETED in 2005 -while the Liberals were in power and THEY did not release it. One would think Dion read it as would have Martin.

Instead of telling canadians the truth about their smoke and mirrors environmental fiasco they then campaigned pretending they were successful.

In my mind THAT is the final peg in the coffin of the Liberals. They campaigned on so many lies. If they had gotten in who agrees with me that this auditor's report would not have seen the light of day.
That "carpet" the Paul Martin claimed he was not going to sweep things under is now thankfully being rolled back and the dirt is deep.

I hope the Conservatives have a whole brigade of mops.

Oxford County Liberals said...

The Conservatives can only campaign on the Liberals faults for so long. They wont be able to run with that forever.

Their own environmental program that they've given a preview to looks like a sham, and they're going to be forced at some point to tell us why what they have is any better then Kyoto.. and not just a lockstep policy copying of George Bush's policy, which is essentially do nothing.

Zorpheous said...

The funny thing I have heard is that the CPC "Made in Canada" Plan seems to be using many of the components of the Liberal plan.

Personally, I do not trust the Liberals or CPC when it comes to Environmental policy. Both parties only pay lip service to the issue, and while I may sound cynical when I say this, Harper also has recieved a lot of monitary support from the oil industry, which doesn't really give a rats arse about controlling CO2 and other pollutants, especially when implimenting such controls would cost them a portion of their profits. The oil sector will fight tooth and nail over environmently stewartship if it costs them penny or a dollar. It is fair cheaper for them to buy politicans and place BS PR ads on tv explain how much the care about the environment (they just don't want to pay for it.)

Zorpheous said...

Come on Scott, Bush plans to cut CO2 emmission in half over the next 100 years.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

While I'm certainly no advocate of the Conservative Party environmental plan, it would be hard for the Libs to take this news lightly. Afterall, politically speaking, it's now the CPC that's cast in the role of "devil we know".

At the very least, the NDP and the Greens should also capitalize on this - thrust themselves as the only true progressive champion of the environment.