Wednesday, August 23, 2006

James Calder Endorses Storm Large on Rock Star : Supernova

I have a dismal record of picking winners for reality TV.

Anyway, I hope I'm not dooming my choice, but I officially endorse Storm Large to lead Supernova.

She is Super Rock Chick personified. Her voice is incredible. Her look is incredible.

In short, she oozes rock deliciousness.

About Storm, from the Rock Star: Supernova site:
In her critically acclaimed (the press loves Storm) and always-packed revue in a little club in Portland, Oregon, Storm and her band The Balls have collected a devoted following of fans who not only witness one gorgeous, sexy, fearless babe with balls-to-the-wall, tear-the-house-down vocal chops, but an oftentimes ingenious stage performer. A formidable, commanding and one-of-a-kind performer with an inspired, beautiful and ferocious voice, Storm's been described by some as almost transcendental. To put it in more simple terms, you're never bored when Storm's in the house.
More about Storm.
  •, official site of Storm Large and the Balls - currently down while she's in the competition
  • Storm's Space, her Rock Star : Supernova blog site
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Anonymous said...

Hey great site! It's nice to see new fansites and blogscdedicated to Storm IE. - keep up the great work!