Friday, August 04, 2006

The Greatest Prime Minister Canada Never Had

The first round of Calgary Grit's web poll is up. CG is attempting to determine who is the "Greatest Prime Minister Canada Never Had":
Canada has had 22 Prime Ministers and, truth be told, over half of them can only be classified as failures. When you see names like Bowell, Turner, Campbell, and Meighen on the list of our former leaders, it's not hard to wonder if there was anybody out there who could have done better.

Over the years, a lot of politicians have been given the title of "best Prime Minister Canada never had". So for the rest of the summer, I'll be weeding down a list of close to 100 would be Prime Ministers until one is crowned.My hope is that this will be a fun way to learn a bit about some great men and women who gave a lot to their country, without receiving the fame of glory of...say...Joe Clark.
Looking at the first round seeding, I'm going to endorse the following candidates in their respective match ups (links to bios are available at CG's site).

Matchup 1: Robert Stanfield
Matchup 2: Deb Gray
Matchup 3: Ed Broadbent
Matchup 4: Bill Davis
Matchup 5: Tommy Douglas
Matchup 6: Frank McKenna
Matchup 7: Stephen Lewis
Matchup 8: John Crosbie

Slight update: For those curious, I based my endorsements on what I believed the candidate did in promoting progressive conservativism and/or whether or not they have/had an overall positive impact on the national stage.

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