Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Federal Appointments to the Toronto Port Authority, Part 2

Okay, now it just doesn't smell stinky, it looks stinky. Remember all those appointments that Minister of Transportation Lawrence Cannon made to the Toronto Port Authority? One of them is Colin Watson.

Who is Colin Watson? According to the press release:

Mr. Watson was president and chief executive officer of Vector Aerospace Corporation, an aviation services firm, from November 2003 to January 2005.

What's also interesting to check out is who also served on the board of Vector at the same time.

The new Board is comprised of seven members, namely Donald K. Jackson, Kenneth C. Rowe, Gordon Cummings, Robert J. Deluce, Robert W. Luba, Robert E. Radford and Colin D. Watson. Mr. Jackson was also appointed Executive Chairman of Vector. Mr. Jackson has held senior executive positions at a number of companies and was previously the President and Chief Executive Officer of Northstar Aerospace, Inc.

Emphasis mine. Who's Robert Deluce? President & CEO of Porter Airlines.

What does Porter Airlines want [CBC, Porter Airlines gets 1st plane for proposed Toronto-Ottawa run]:

Porter Airlines, the fledgling carrier with a controversial plan to run flights between Toronto's island airport and Ottawa, took delivery of its first aircraft on Tuesday.

The privately owned company is still waiting for clearance from Transport Canada and the Canadian Transportation Agency to commence operations at Toronto's City Centre Airport, which it hopes to do by fall.

Am I the only one to think this series of events odd?

New airline forms at the Toronto Airport, founded by a gentleman who used to work closely with another gentleman who is now appointed to the Toronto Port Authority, the arm of Transport Canada that looks after the Toronto Airport. That airline is now looking for approval from Transport Canada to begin operations.

Now, if my junior detective skills picked this up, somebody a lot smarter than me should be able to shed some light on this. Did I get the names wrong? The associations?

Update: Olivia Chow, MP for Trinity-Spadina has also picked up on this Toronto Port Authority mess in a piece on lobbying [H/T, MyBlahg].

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm...let me double check my memory banks,click click tap tap tap...Ahhhh here it is.

Jean Chretien/Liberal Party receives majority of donation from Bombardier which is also the biggest Corporate contributor.
News Update...Ottawa..Paul Martin wins Leadership race for Liberal Party after J.Chretien steps down.
Update...Paul Martin takes Liberals to a Minority Government even after the Leadership win which Bombardier was the biggest financial supporter according to Election Canada website .
Update...Toronto... David Miller wins Mayoral race on promise to stop the Island Bridge and cause job-losses at Bombardier who would build the STOL airplanes in the GTA .
Update...Martin looks at possible defeat to Harper and might lose valuble Federal Seats in Toronto , PM bails out Toronto Mayor Miller with $35 Million dollars for bridge cancelation Law-Suit that Miller said wouldn't cost a Tooney.
Update.....Liberals lose 2006 Election and Martin announces his departure from Politics as Liberal Leader, Toronto's Budget over-spending doubles again from 225 Mil to 1/2 a Billion $$$ .
Update...Toronto..MFP inquiry cost $18 Million and exposes financial corruption from Political control over Tax-payers money being spent on un-tendered and Open bidding on Contracts with Toronto.
Update...TTC cries poor and gets $500,000,000.00 PROMISE from Provincial Government , Howard Moscoe attemps to sneak through raises for Councillor's , Howard Moscoe wants to give $900,000,000.00 dollar "Un-Tendered " TTC rail-car Contract to BOMBARDIER to keep jobs in Ontario, Siemens announces cheaper deal for TTC trains and will build Plant near Toronto to supply upper North-America.
Toronto......Councillor's in Toronto raise taxes 2 years in arow by 3% in each year and then get Performance raise of 9% on top of $250'000 Office Budget for 2006-07 , Paul Martin ends his leadership powers and Signs papers to renew the TPA control of the Waterfront and Island Airport.
August 2006...Olivia Chow upset at Island Airport allowing new Flights by Company that received their first STOL plane from BOMBARDIER Aero-space Division,Chow previously sat on Toronto Council and approved the Indy Race and CNE Airshow while now claim Canadian want Island Airport closed because of Noise and Air pollution from Planes.

Toronto...David Miller defend Moscoe but denies Siemens a seat at the Consultants Table for issuing sole-Contract with BOMBARDIER.

History and the Media have a habit of coming back to bite Politicians in the Butt for comments in Public.

C4SR said...

Great work.

It's always good to see where the connections are...