Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Short Sleeved Dress Shirts

I don't know what it is, but something about dudes in a short sleeved dress shirt and a tie irks me.

And, I'm serious when I say I don't know what it is. There's certainly an air of nerdiness about it, but that's not it.

It could be the fact that it looks kind of weird - like, look at me, I'm dressed up but airy and carefree .... maybe ...

It could be the fact that the wearer is attempting to exhibit their inner rebel streak - "I have to wear a tie, but I'll show you! Look ... short sleeves!"

I certainly don't fly into a rage ... but ... I don't get it.

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Anthony said...

The movie Falling Down. Michael Douglas snaps and he is wearing the short sleeved dress shirt. This movie makes me think "that guy is wacko".

Annie said...

Hey, don't worry, it's not just you - from a girls perspective, i can tall you that i'm not a fan of the look. The guys who try it look like ten year old boys. not good!