Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dumb It Down For Me Again

Okay, I'll bite.

How does calling an election "subvert democracy"? From the Globe & Mail (via Google; Globe & Mail, 'We have no choice': Election fever stirs Grit pot):

The odds of a snap fall election, so scant a while back, have increased enough that the Liberals are getting agitated. So much so that they are putting a contingency plan in place to select a new leader in early October, two months ahead of schedule.

"We have no choice," the party's national party director, Steve MacKinnon, said yesterday. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, he said, is "trigger happy" enough to do it. "I can't imagine he would want to subvert democracy in this way. . . . But we have to have a contingency plan if he does."
Calling an election may pervert it, sure. Subvert? Never.

I don't know why I felt the need to comment on this pointlessness. I think it's because the last dig I had at the Liberal Party was July 6, and it wasn't really a dig. I've got a quota to fill.

And besides, there's a backhanded dig in this post at the Conservative Party too ...

Fair and balanced, that's me.

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1 comment:

kevvyd said...

I love it when Liberals whine about calling elections at an opportune political time. Seriously, though, what were they thinking when they decided on having a year-long leadership contest? Hell, if they'd done it as a lame-o reality series they would have had it finished by now.