Thursday, June 29, 2006

Modernization of Investigative Techniques Act

Somebody needs to explain the following mantra to me.

If you're not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.
It's usually used to justify unwarranted or unnecessary surveillance. The premise being, the surveillance does more for the common good than the harm done by the infringment on personal privacy.

It's ultimately meant to be dismissive - if you object to the scrutiny, you must have something to hide.

Of course, it overlooks, "If I've done nothing wrong, why am I being watched?"

Now, go read this article, Globe & Mail, Big Brother Watching You Surf?.

I figure I'm going to hear it more often as people begin to try to justify the government reintroducing the Modernization of Investigative Techniques Act:
MITA will also make subscriber contact information from telecommunications service providers available on request to designated law enforcement and CSIS officials. Under the legislation, these officials will be able to request individuals’ basic contact information such as their name, address, telephone or cell phone number or IP address. The release of this information will be subject to rigorous privacy safeguards which will include requiring that all requests for this information are recorded for audit and review purposes.
[H/T, Bound by Gravity]

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