Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I Need a Law Degree

Today's quote of the day comes from Ontario Environment Minister Laurel Broten, who made the following remark regarding how Ontario can get around conducting an environmental impact analysis when it constructs new nuclear power plants [Toronto Sun, Grits 'including to exclude']:
"In order to confirm and make it clear that the province was not going to change the law, that we were not going to expand what should be included in an environmental assessment, we chose a step of including -- by way of designation -- to exclude."
Ontario NDP leader, Howard Hampton, pointed this out. I have no idea what the Environment Minister said.

I tried to get Babelfish to translate it into Spanish, then back into English again, to see if that helps clear it up. It came out:
In order to confirm and to do the clear one to him that the province was not going to change the law, that that we were not going to extend itself what is due to include in an environmental burden, we chose a step to include -- by the designation -- to exclude.
Sounds about the same. Except, who is doing "the clear one" to whom?

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Joan Tintor said...

What a disgrace. She should have threatened to resign. Career over principle, I guess.

The Fiberals' failure to post this exclusion on the Environmental Bill of Rights registry is apparently the first tmie something like that has happened since the registry was established 12 years ago. Even Mike Harris didn't try to get away with something like that.