Friday, June 09, 2006

The Enclave of South Toronto

Apparently, the enclave of South Toronto is a hotbed and a breeding ground. Unfortunately for us, nobody knows where this enclave is for all that breeding on hotbeds. It's somewhere, south of Toronto, but nobody has erected a sign on the QEW telling us where it is actually. U.S. Representative, John Hostettler is on the case [Globe & Mail, Alienation at home, criticism from abroad]:

A U.S. congressman warned yesterday that Canada, and in particular the enclave of "South Toronto," was a breeding ground for Islamic terrorists and that the United States will be under threat as long as passports are not required of all Canadians crossing the border.

"South Toronto, like those parts of London that are host to the radical imams who influenced the 9/11 terrorists and the shoe bomber, has people who adhere to a militant understanding of Islam," said John Hostettler, chairman of the House of Representatives subcommittee on immigration and border security, noting that Toronto has a very large South Asian community.

Later, when asked by reporters to describe "South Toronto" in greater detail, Mr. Hostettler said it was "a location which I understand is the type of enclave that allows for this radical type of discussion to go on."
Oh, it's another story about terrorism. Here I was, all excited about hotbeds and breeding.

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Mark Richard Francis said...

Oh. My. God.

I'm an active member of the Green Party, and the Ontario party just moved into the Richmond St W and Spadina area.

Are we in danger?

Or have we joined the terrorists?

I'll never tell.

Anonymous said...

South Toronto, huh? That can only mean this hotbed of radical dissent!

Anthony said...

I think he means Lake Ontario. Anything can be breeding in that water.

Anonymous said...

I found South Toronto. Lot's of radicalism here.,+toronto&om=1

Anonymous said...

I believe one time I saw some foreign looking people scoping out the Toronto Island Airport. They had binoculars and were not wearing western clothing. A couple of men had strange beards and were wearing foreign looking sandals.

I wondered if I should have contacted CSIS. Knowing my chemistry, the men were carrying chemicals such as homosalate, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, oxybensone, and ethylhexyl salcylate! These strange men were so dangerous that I decided instead to call the police in Caledonia and tell them my location: Hanlan's nude beach. The men were loaded with sunscreen! The police didn't come.

Anonymous said...

Check this link. It seems University of Toronto demographers use the term "south Toronto" too.

Anonymous said...
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Saskboy said...

I'll be visiting South Toronto later in June, is there any anti-terrorism spray I should wear?

Maybe that dipweed in Congress meant Toronto, Ohio when he said "south Toronto"?