Friday, June 30, 2006

Convention Fee Wackiness

About this [, NDP files complaint over alleged illegal donations to Conservatives]:
The New Democratic Party is asking Canada's elections commissioner to investigate the Conservative party's refusal to report fees paid for its 2005 convention as political donations.

The Conservatives vehemently deny transgressing any laws or regulations. NDP MP Pat Martin has sent a complaint to Raymond Landry in the wake of comments by Treasury Board President John Baird that the Conservative party didn't report delegate fees at its last convention as donations or issue tax receipts for them.
What Sinister Thoughts said:
Shut up, cooperate and pay the fine if you are guilty. That's the only way to deal with this situation.
It seems simple enough to me. I don't understand the idea that we need to fight every question.

Updated: Good [CTV, Harper says all party financing rules were obeyed]:
Chief Electoral Office Jean-Pierre Kingsley has asked the Conservatives to provide him with all supporting documents related to the convention.

Harper's spokesman Dimitris Soudas said the party would comply with the request.

"We are more than willing to provide any further information to Elections Canada," Soudas said. "Any further information that Elections Canada requires we'll be submitting it. It won't be through press releases though."

All parties were required to submit their final financial returns for 2005 by Friday, but Kingsley wanted more information from the Conservatives in light of the confusion over the convention fees.
[H/T, Bound by Gravity]

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VW said...

This isn't fighting. Think of it this way:

Whether an offence has been committeed has not been established yet. The actual law is somewhat ambiguous, hence the need for the Chief Electoral Officer to look at the books.

The time from his receiving the books to the time of his judgement will be, at best, one to two weeks. During that period, the more virulent anti-Tory bloggers will amuse themselves by hurling insults and accusations of hypocrisy and disqualification to anyone on the BT blogroll as well as any other blogger known to be affiliated with the Tories.

Why would they do this? Simple: several BT bloggers got a little triumphalist after Jan. 23rd, and it drove the anti-BTs nuts. So they're just getting their own back.

Zorpheous said...

Seriously, the matter is the hands of the proper people, if the CPC is guilty, by honest mistake or BS books, it really doesn't matter. Pay the fine and move on. But you have to admitt, it does make for good political hay, beyond that it is meaningless political noise.

There are far more serious issues a foot, like that Softwood Lumber deal that is reading more and more like USA Has The Canadian Lumber Industry Over A Barrel, and IS About To Give Us An Arse Pounding"

Walks With Coffee said...

Most delegates attending the conference were issued political tax deduction receipts for attending the convention... In fact, some where issued tax receipts for more than just the gate fee:

I have e-mails, screen shots, rev canada has the tax receipts... as does the CPoC.

Anonymous said...

Canada's chief electoral officer has a bone to pick with Stephen Harper.

See here.

Walks With Coffee said...

Donation Gate:

short summary here