Monday, June 05, 2006

Blogs for Rodney MacDonald, PC Premier of Nova Scotia

The Sorry Centrist has a blog roll started to support the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party and the re-election of Rodney MacDonald as Premier in the upcoming election in Nova Scotia - June 13.

Blogs4Rodney is a blogroll of conservative bloggers and websites which support Rodney MacDonald in his quest to be re-elected as Premier of Nova Scotia. The blogroll unequivocally supports Rodney's 7 priorities to build a stronger province both economically and socially for all Nova Scotians. There is no question that Rodney MacDonald has a rock solid conservative plan for Nova Scotia – a plan that continues John Hamm’s legacy to our children of balanced budgets and paying down the debt. On behalf Blogs4Rodney, we ask you to support Rodney on Tuesday, June 13, 2006 so he can make things better for all Nova Scotians and their families. It is time that 'WE UNITE' behind all good conservatives from coast-to-coast-to-coast so that all regions of this country can grow stronger as a result of strong values and principles that only a tory can deliver. Join the roll and show your support for Rodney and his great team.
What are Rodney MacDonald's 7 Priorities?

A Working Families Pharmacare Plan for the 140,000 Nova Scotians who go without.

Nova Scotia’s first Anti-Crime Agenda, including 250 new police officers to keep our streets and communities safe.

A break for working families, starting with no provincial sales tax on home energy costs.

Greater support for all students, from lowering tuition by more than $1000, to smaller class sizes up to grade 6.

The right home for every senior, through 1,300 more nursing home beds or more help for seniors to stay in their own homes.

The largest single roadbuilding program in 40 years – with at least 2,000 km of new paving.

More parks, more green spaces and 500 km of new trails.

Support Rodney MacDonald!

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