Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Door Princesses

A long, long time ago, I ranted on about escalator princesses.

Today, I'd like to rant on about Door Princesses.

[Incidentally, I use the term "princess" not as an indication of gender, but as an indication of the wafty-airiness of the individual. A man can be as much of a door princess as a woman.]

A door princess is one of those annoying people that refuses to hold the door for you, when you are following them through a doorway. Common courtesy suggests that you at least offer a token hand or arm to stop the momentum of the door from completely shutting in front of the person behind you. Not to the door princess - that's irrelevant. As long as they can get through hands-free, that's all that's important.

Now, there is no requirement that the door be held open for me so I can either walk through first or to see if I can in turn become a door princess and watch the door slam in front of the person behind.

Nor am I requiring the person in front of me to become a doorman, who's sole job is to ensure I have adequate time and space with which to cross the threshold. If I'm 10 or 20 feet behind, that person can let the door close.

It's a token gesture. An acknowledgment that it is important that the person sincerely - even if they don't mean it - is attempting to be polite.

Contrast this with the Revolving Door Princess, who, like in the movie Superman, feels the need to spin the door exceedingly fast in order to have time to change into his superhero costume. It's either that, or they feel insecure and need to reassure themselves that they are in fact strong, like
Lothar, of the Hill People, and regular doors are much too heavy; revolving doors provide a better outlet for a feat of strength, I guess.

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Guy said...

You need to write a post about elevator princesses as well.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

That's actually a good idea ...