Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cheers / Jeers

Cheers to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, for reinstating Greg Sorbara as Ontario Minister of Finance. Even though some have argued that it's too soon, these things, more often than not, disappear.

Going back in the way back machine to find out why Greg Sorbara had to leave cabinet [The Progressive Right, Ontario Finance Minister Greg Sorbara Resigns, October 2005]:
Ontario Finance Minister Greg Sorbara stepped aside last night, following revelations that he is a target of a long-running criminal investigation into Royal Group Technologies Ltd.

He was named in the search warrants filed in court, along with a handful of former Royal Group executives, including founder Vic De Zen. The RCMP accuses the men of unlawfully defrauding shareholders and creditors "by deceit, falsehood or other fraudulent means" from Jan. 1, 1996 to Sept. 30, 2002.
Following this, a judge had ordered that there was not enough evidence for Mr. Sorbara's name to appear on a criminal search warrant [CTV, Greg Sorbara's name removed from search warrants]:
Ontario Superior Court Justice Ian Nordheimer struck down parts of the search warrants that had Sorbara's name listed but the remaining sections are still in effect.

Nordheimer said police acted hastily and with insufficient information when they added Sorbara's name to the warrant. The warrant also included several other former top executives at the company.
Since Mr. Sorbara resigned the cabinet position as a result of the search warrant, and he's no longer named on the search warrant, he should be reinstated. If he's found to have done something illegal, he'll get to step down again.

I'm nothing, if not consistent.

Now, I couldn't go an entire post without a jab.

Jeers to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty. What is the Ministry of Small Business and Entrepeneurship and why is Liberal MPP Harinder Takhar the Minister for it [Office of the Integrity Commissioner, Report of the Honourable Coulter A. Osborne Integrity Commissioner Re: the Honourable Harinder Takhar, Minister of Transportation & Member for Mississauga Centre [PDF]]:
"Thus, I conclude that the Minister has breached s.11 of the Act and parliamentary convention associated with the establishment of management trusts by allowing Mr. Jeyanayangam to continue as his trustee after he became treasurer of his Riding Association and by failing to disclose that Mr. Jeyanayangam was his CFO under the Election Finances Act." [Page 29, Section 95]

"I also recognize that in circumstances like this, there is a political price that sometimes has to be paid … I [am] issuing a reprimand under s.34(1)(b). Upon the filing of this Report with the Speaker, that reprimand will be duly recorded." [Page 30, Section 97]
Mr. McGuinty called it a "lapse in judgment". Voting for the Ontario Liberals is a "lapse in judgment".

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Anonymous said...

a lapse in judgement last election next time it will be just plain stupid

OMMAG said...

I think that in the case of the police investigation that named Sorbara..the net was cast wide in an effort to shore up a shakey operation. A fishing expedition.

Sorbara's postion on the boards of the group in no way incriminates him or would it any other board member.
I am disappointed that conservative observers and critics were so quick to jump on the idea that Sorbara was guilty of something simply because the police named him or connected him in such a loose fashion.
It makes me mad as hell when LIberal Socialist pinheads try to pull that kind of crap and I feel pretty bad when those on the right sink to that level.

Anonymous said...

Here is a not-so-positive article on Greg Sorbara.