Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Well, Technically ...

... it was the previous Liberal government that returned to the old tradition of not lowering the flag on the Peace Tower for war fallen [CBC, When to lower the flag for Canada's war dead]:
[T]he Peace Tower flag was not lowered when Pte. Braun Woodfield was killed in November in Afghanistan, when his armoured vehicle rolled over, and the practice has not been picked up since the Conservatives came to office.
It's fair to ask the current government to reinstate the "new old" tradition, but you can't blame the Conservatives for not "continuing" the practice since it was previously discontinued.

Yes, it is fun beating a dead political horse.

That being said, I believe that it is neither disrespectful to our previous fallen to institute a new tradition of lowering the flag when a soldier falls, nor is it disrespectful not to lower the flag, but to honour all fallen on November 11.

This is one of those debates that has no bad side as it draws attention to our soldiers and their sacrifices.

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Oxford County Liberals said...

As has been said elsewhere (including by yours truly) I dont think the flag issue would have been such a big deal if it hadnt been immediately followed up by the press being banned from covering on the returning dead soldiers. That drew immediate comparisons to the Bush policy of trying to minimize coverage of the war dead, and it also doesnt help when the Defence Minister says he did it for the privacy of the families only to later admit he didnt consult with any of these families or others over implementing this new "privacy policy".

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

The media being banned was wrong, I agree with you there and I think it's fair to draw a comparison to the Bush Admin.

What's unfortunate in the midst of all this is now the front page story becomes less about the soldiers' sacrifice and more about the media ban.

I stole that point from General Lewis MacKenzie:

There is an old rule in the military — never give an order you can't enforce. The media will be there filming from outside the gate the arrival/departure of families, VIPs etc. and the ban will become the lead story — what a shame!

Oxford County Liberals said...

I'll note that Mackenzie didnt agree with this ban either.