Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Putting Something In Perspective

Guess when Citizenship & Immigration Canada said this:

Asked to comment on the allegations of ... bias, Giovanna Gatti, a spokesperson for Citizenship and Immigration Canada, said, "We administer the Immigration Act in keeping with Canada's charter [of rights and freedoms]."

Gatti says the removal numbers for the Toronto area are very different than those for the province as a whole. In 1998, for example, the top five countries to which people were deported from Ontario were the U.S. (489), Jamaica (337), Sri Lanka (158), Hungary (126) and El Salvador (113).

She also suggested that the disproportionate number of deportations ... might be the result of a backlog of orders being cleared up.

"We had a number of cases ... where we had been working for quite some time to get documents for them, and it just so happened that finally when we got them, we got a whole bunch of them. So it's not like a particular group was being targeted, but these sorts of things happen."
If you said it was during the Liberal Party's apparent "crackdown" on illegal Caribbean immigrants in 2000, you'd be right.

Now, go read this.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Could the backlog of Portugese and possibly Italians have been a little gift over the past few years protecting them from legal deportations from the former Immigration Minister, Italian Joe Volpe?

Could the recent media uproar by this group when these things supposedly happen all the time also be compliments of Liberal friendly media prodded just alittle by Joe Volpe?

Is Joe Volpe running for the L:iberal leadership? Does Joe Volpe need all that good old Italiano money and votes and Alphonso Gagliano connections he can get?