Friday, April 07, 2006

It's Amazing the Things I Think of

A question for the scientists in my audience.

How come when you do Number 1 in an urinal, the "water level" doesn't rise? Is there enough room in the piping to allow the extra "fluid" to go in? I'm also going to propose that it doesn't rise in a toilet either, but it's harder to determine since the surface area is much greater (making it harder to notice).


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owen said...

Jim. The water level does rise, but just a little bit. And it will vary depending on the design of the urinal/toilet. It has to do with the presence of the air trap - the s-bend thing that keeps the sewer gas smell from coming up. Basically, the water level rises in both sides of the air trap at the same time, by the same amount. Also, the shape of the bowl/urinal creates a funnel effect, which also limits the water level change.