Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Conservative Yahoos and Liberal Googles

I did that title on purpose, just to see who I could rankle.

Anna over at TheAnnaLog, hypothesizes that your political leanings may determine which search engine you prefer.
If you vote conservative, you probably prefer Yahoo! over Google.

One way to begin testing this is to look at the political donations of employees at the respective companies. I visited BuyBlue.org (the name is partisan, the data is not) and found the following:

If you tally up contributions by top executives, top officers, and political action committees (to which any employee can contribute),

Yahoo made $231,750 in political contributions last year, of which 60% went to Republican candidates, and 40% went to Democratic candidates.

Google made $71,500 in political contributions last year, of which 100% went to Democratic candidates.
Go have a read. I'm not entirely sure if she's arguing that political preference determines search engine preference, or the other way around - search engine preference determines political preference, as she refers to the ads that appear when you do a search.

Maybe it's a chicken-egg thing.

For the record, I prefer Google.

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Anonymous said...

This is an interesting topic and something I've pondered for awhile. In fact last June I blogged about a seemingly bias stance on Google's AdSense program with respect to Clinton and Bush.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that politics aside my favourite is also Google.