Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Cat's Out of the Bag

As I had said back in the comments of this post, Gerard Kennedy is the best pick for the Liberal Party leader. I had also mused that Liberals wouldn't realize it.

I was way off.

Calgary Grit:
I'm going to switch the order and start this profile off with an endorsement of Gerard Kennedy to be the next leader of the Liberal Party. Three months ago I had no idea who Gerard Kennedy was but the more I hear about him and the more I listen to him, the more convinced I become that he's the right man to lead the Liberal Party at this crucial time of renewal.
Mark Holland, MP (and others):
A group of about a dozen young Liberal MPs acting as a bloc is poised to support former Ontario education minister Gerard Kennedy's bid to become leader of the federal Liberal Party.


This group is preparing to publicly announce its support for Mr. Kennedy soon. But it is part of a larger group, which includes former MPs and defeated candidates, that is still debating policy and considering candidates.

[Mark] Holland said the group members were looking for a candidate who could unite the party and was not a "hyphenated Liberal" or an "ite." He was referring to the two factions -- the Chr├ętienites and Martinites, or supporters of former prime ministers Jean Chr├ętien and Paul Martin -- who feuded within the party for nearly 10 years.
The Liberal Party doesn't need former Conservatives or former Dippers to lead it.

The Liberal Party doesn't need more internal fighting.

The Liberal Party doesn't need Michael Ignatieff and his baggage, real or not.

Interesting times are to come for the Grits.

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