Friday, March 24, 2006

Random Thought for Today : Food Court Cereal

I was walking around the Toronto underground the other day, and I noticed that in the Commerce Court food court, a new place called "Cereal Bar" is opening - it's going to offer cereal.

Is there demand for cereal from a food court? Is it so hectic now, that Froot Loops in a bowl is an inconvenience?

My thing would be, there are food court burger joints and food court salad joints - usually selling their prime products for around $8 because they claim the ingredients are gourmet or special.

Is a bowl of cereal at this place going to be $8, because I choose from an array of gourmet milks (dijon milk?) and cereal toppings?

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Peter said...

I can see a market for it. People are in such a hurry in the morning and will buy anything in a food court. There's no way I could even make a bowl of cereal in the morning. I usually grab a muffin, run out the door, then buy a coffee and eat at my desk. A bowl of cereal at work sounds ok.. but for me cereal in plastic container for $5-8 doesn't sound that appealing.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

I can't find a website for the place here, but there is a demand I guess in the US:


The place up here is called "The Cereal Bar", so I don't think there's a connection.

You can even customize your cereal, and take it home in a cereal box.

I think I'm starting to buy into the idea. We'll see how it's executed up here.

CK said...

When I lived downtown (in Calgary) I used to go every Sunday morning to this little place called Java Sharks to eat cereal and hang out with all the other hung over people. It was great fun. Though, I guess a food court cereal place wouldn't have the same social appeal.

Lloyd said...

Referenced at:

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Thanks for the link back, Lloyd.

CK, food courts are spiritually draining. :)