Friday, March 10, 2006

Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot

Somebody, please tell me this is fake.

Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot

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Paul said...

Why should it be fake? I was there this year with my 12 year old son. This is our 3rd year. Both he and I have shot hundreds of full auto weapons. The shoot is not made up of "nuts"… they are Police Officers (like me), Doctors, Lawyers, business men and women and people of all walks of life. Many are veterans who served this country to preserve rights as the right to have this type of shoots.

I can promise you that the men, women and kids involved in this are safer and more responsible with firearms then anyone else. These are not toys, they range in price from 2 or 3 thousand dollars to over 50 thousand. These are collectors and investors. No nuts… just Americans who enjoy shooting legally owned and registered full automatic weapons.

Is it nuts that my 12 year old shoots a case of shotgun shells a week (250 rounds)? He is a competitive shotgun shooter and current ranked 18th in the nation at 12 years old in his class. Is it nuts that a member of his team is attending college on a full scholarship for shotgun shooting sports?

The impression from your post is guns are bad. As a police officer of 29 years, I can tell you not to fear the gun, fear the evil in people who intend on doing others harm. They will do it with their hands, a club, a car, a knife or anything else they can find. If that does not convince you, look at cities with strict gun laws… their crime rates are the same if not higher then those who have “normal” gun requirements.

Be safe and be thankful that there are men and women out there wearing a uniform (military or police) that are protecting the right of everyone.

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Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Many are veterans who served this country to preserve rights as the right to have this type of shoots.

I'm almost certain, that veterans did not fight wars overseas so children can sit in a field, blowing up cars with automatic gunfire.

Somebody should compile a list of rights veterans fought for.

The impression from your post is guns are bad.

I'm sorry but I don't know where you got that idea from. Tell me where I said "guns were bad".

The impression you should have got is, that sitting in a field, shooting automatic guns, blowing up cars does not seem to me, to be entirely responsible.

It doesn't represent smart usage of weaponry, but a flagrant display of "look what I can blow up."

You go on a tirade about target shooting, but this wasn't target shooting. This wasn't even close to displaying responsible use of firearms.

It's a bunch of people, firing automatic weapons, blowing up cars.

Paul said...

I surly respect your right to disagree. The great thing about America is that reasonable people can disagree without fear of a “west bank” situation.

As for the veterans who served this country to preserve this right I disagree. The “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” is very clear in the Second Amendment of our Bill of Rights.

We are talking about legally owned, registered and responsibility shot weapons. Although you disagree that this is not “entirely responsible” so be it. I am sure that drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and driving above the speed limit could fall into the same category.

In America we do have the right to gather peacefully for the purpose of entertainment. That was what this was about. It was a time that my Son and I had to enjoy shooting together in a non-competitive sport. I never entered a tirade about target shooting. I wanted to insure you understood there are many forms of shooting. Shooting machine guns and shotguns are just a few.

As for not being target shooting, you are wrong. One of the events was a sniper competition with targets at approximately 400 yards. My son often spends more time at these shoots practicing his precession shooting by shooting coke can to milk jug size targets (and yes some explode) at distances of 300 – 400 yards. We both do so at these shoots because it is safe. To have a full auto shoot you must have a safe range. That includes a safe long range area where you can shoot. Other events are sub-machine gun competitions where precession does count.

People at these events are not a bunch of “nuts”. There are citizens of this great country who are allowed to participate in events like this when they are legal, safe, and not causing harm to others.

It is obvious that our political differences surly fuel this disagreement. You list Michael Moore’s movies as you favorite films. I feel that they are the most distorted packed with lies and misrepresentations. Nothing could be clearer to me. But you are entitled to your opinion.

I respect your opinion. But you can not label something irresponsible simple because you disagree with it.

I came across this today, maybe you will agree… “Because something is deemed to be immoral, does not make it illegal. Similarly, something somebody deems as moral, isn't necessarily legal. For example, to some, eating beef on Fridays is immoral or eating pork at all is immoral - it isn't illegal.” I’ll give you credit for saying it.

Although not exactly what we are talking about, I hope you see the parallel.

Be safe - Paul