Saturday, February 25, 2006

Popping My Head Up

As mentioned elsewhere, I had forgotten how much work a 1-month old is. I knew I shouldn't have gotten used to a toilet-trained 4 year old who sleeps through the night. Sleep is irrelevant.

Things I want to talk about, and I hope I get a chance to:
  • The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party has released its white papers (available here) from their policy convention last weekend. On aside, anybody else noticing that when the media talks to PC leader John Tory, they ask him questions like he's the Premier?
  • Proposals in the Ontario legislature for "negative option organ donation".
  • Canada's continued role in Afghanistan.
And whatever else pops up.


RP. said...

Oh boy, I was going through that a while ago (our boys are 19 months now, and their sister is now almost 5). What a shock, to have to go back to raising an infant after your first is all toilet-trained and self-reliant. They were 2 mos. old when I started 3rd year law school.


Jim (Progressive Right) said...

For whatever reason, I thought this one would be walking and out getting a job by now. :)