Monday, February 13, 2006

Next Election Liberal Strategy Revealed

"Conservatives are Evil" didn't work this time around. So, it's time for a new tactic. Since the NDP didn't play nice with the Liberals, it's time for a new direction.

It's time for "The NDP is Evil".
As a blue-Liberal, I am somewhat torn on this. The NDP also includes a lot of people who I prefer to have on the outskirts of the real political debate. They are the people who throw rocks at police, take over condemned houses and support some "right" of suicide bombers to kill innocent Israelis. If all of these nut jobs are held together in one insignificant party, then the Liberal Party might be stronger in the long-run.
Just for once, I'd like to see someone over at the pep squad not try to paint political opposition as evil and try to discuss true policy. For once.

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Jason Cherniak said...

It would be nice if you would actually consider my argument instead of one lone paragraph. My problem is that the more extreme people tend to run the party.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Come on, Jason. You're attempting to paint the NDP as a party of extremism, the way it was chic to paint the CPC as a party of extremism.

Nicol DuMoulin said...

I know many people in the NDP. Many confuse Marxism with democracy and democracy with fascism. This is not your grandfather's 'chicken in every pot' NDP anymore.

I am no relativist. I must concur with Jason on this. The modern NDP has a fair amount of extremism in it.

Don't beleive me. Read rabble for an hour or two.

I also think the Liberal Party would be better off if they weeded out their NDP element. Y'know the ones PMPM catered to.

Oxford County Liberals said...

You're equating Rabble with the mainstream of the NDP? Give me a break.

The NDP is not a Marxist Party. I would argue that NDP isnt even a socialist party anymore. A nationalist social democratic party which is on the left of the Canadian political scene is what it is.

Instead of demonizing the NDP.. maybe the Liberals should try doing what every good Liberal leader has done since the formation of the NDP and its CCF precursor - move to the left and start putting the "liberal" back into the Liberals.

RP. said...

Bad arguments don't need to be coherently argued against, they fall apart quite well on their own, thanks.

RP. said...

..and anyone that can find a political party anywhere in the world, that doesn't have extremists or other dolts in it wins a cookie.

Nicol DuMoulin said...

"The NDP is not a Marxist Party. I would argue that NDP isnt even a socialist party anymore."

Thousands upon thousands of kids on university campuses across Canada might disagree with you on that.

As for has contributors from the Star, Globe and many 'mainstream' media outlets.

I hardly call the views of such prominent NDP'rs as Olivia Chow and Svend Robinson as mainstream or even slightly left. Yet the NDP considers them mainstream.

No, I know many NDP'rs friend. If they heard you say it wasn't a Marxist party and me saying it was, it would not be me they would upset with.

The NDP's base has not been working class in decades. It's base is the extreme fringe element in urban centres.

Oxford County Liberals said...

Well Nicol, you're a Blogging Tory.. of course you're going to equate the NDP with being a "far left" party.

But Marxist?? You're way out in "left field" by trying to claim that.

Dr.Dawg said...

This is just classic red-baiting. Cherniak would have done well working for HUAC.

The Liberals are above nothing. No tactic is too filthy, too discredted, too immoral, for them to embace with enthusiasm when it serves their purposes.

The Liberal party is on the downhill slide, and the vertigo of it all is unfortunately making Jason a little unwell.

Dr.Dawg said...

Dumoulin--slink back off to the Liberal blogroll you hail from. OK?

Are you Jason's sock-puppet, by the way?

D.R.M. said...

Good post. I had just read that post-election mudslinging from Jason and am glad to observe opposition from all progressive minded folk.