Friday, February 03, 2006

Liberal Party Must Shift Left

Lloyd Axworthy agrees with me that a mainstream left-leaning Liberal Party is a good thing [CBC Manitoba, Slow down, turn left: Axworthy on Liberal leadership]:
A Liberal heavyweight from Manitoba is urging the federal Liberal party to lean to the left when choosing the party's next leader.

Former Liberal cabinet minister Lloyd Axworthy hopes the party will settle on someone who is "progressive."
We'll see what happens.

[hat tip, Political Staples]

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Anonymous said...

What exactly does "progressive" mean. All of the lefty parties are using it now that the Progressive Conservatives arn't. The NDP, Liberals, even the Communist party.
I thought the Progressives was a farmer's union party from the Bible belt in Saskatchewan in the the 40's or so. How does this history fit today's Liberals or NDP or Communists? Just wondering.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

You are right, the Progressive Party was a farmer's party - when Manitoba premier John Bracken agreed to become leader of the Conservative Party, he made the condition that the party be renamed "Progressive Conservative Party".

As to the definition the NDP, Libs, and others are using - they are using the standard definition, the one I hold to, "advocating positive change", but then they use it to imply that any left-leaning policy is essentially advocating positive change.

While I believe we should all advocate positive change, I'm not entirely sure every NDP / Liberal policy is "progressive".