Monday, February 06, 2006

And, on a Less Serious Note

Count on Bill Graham for a little unintentional irony to lighten the mood [CBC, Reaction to Harper's cabinet appointments]:
I find it worrisome that Mr. Harper has chosen someone for his cabinet who was elected under the Liberal banner just a couple of weeks ago.

- Interim [Leader of the Opposition,] Bill Graham [Liberal]
You and me both, there Billy. I guess it's a good job you guys didn't win the election, because I'm almost certain there would have been a whole mess of cabinet members chosen who were running under the Liberal banner.

Thanks, Bill.

Survey says, [X] [X].
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Lemon said...

Wish I noticed it.

Anonymous said...

I guess it was ok when Wanabee Barbie Stronach did it eh Bill?