Friday, January 20, 2006

You And Me Both ...


It's bad enough he made you wear the hat, but there's no reason you have to listen to him.

Atta boy.

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Sara said...

please call David Walmsley 416-367-2000 x 8710 at the Toronto Star and request nicely that we get a equal opportunity to stand up for all parents. Martha Friendly has put in an article of about 1200 words in describing a Liberal style of daycare. She only views on side of it. We are asking for equality for all parents!

Please advise David Walmsley 416-367-2000 x 8710 (nicely) that we would like an equal opportunity to speak. The National daycare is only shown and the other parents are ignored...

sorry about posting off topic but I need help...

Ottawa Core said...

isn't that the same prison tattoo i saw a while back?

Anonymous said...

From King Ed:

"Mr. Martin accuses the New Democratic Party of partisanship. Were it not for the NDP putting its interests aside and putting working people’s interests first, the Liberal Party would have been fed to voters last spring.

It now is. And it has run a campaign that at best is incoherent, and at worst is deeply offensive. To women. To members of our armed forces. And to people who long for intellectual honesty in politics once more.

It is clear the Liberal Party no longer has the moral authority to deserve people’s votes. It is, simply, not the party it used to be or the party it portrays.

Mr. Martin’s team is running a campaign based on intellectual dishonesty. Cynical manipulation. And recklessly using significant issues for the sole purpose of continuing Liberal entitlement – which we know is used to benefit Liberal insiders, not working people."

Oh no you didn't! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Paul Martin has no credibility left

Let’s look at the rhetoric and the reality:

They say we would “Allow a front door vote on same sex marriage.”
We won’t, they did. Paul Martin and the Liberals already allowed a free vote on same-sex marriage and 33 Liberal MPs voted against this Charter right.

They say we would “Allow a back door vote on a woman’s right to choose.”
We won’t, they did. Paul Martin and the Liberals have already allowed these votes – repeatedly – and 13 Liberal MPs (including current Cabinet Ministers Albina Guarineri and Joe Volpe) say they’ll vote against choice again.

They say we would “Cancel the national Early Learning and Childcare Plan.”
We won’t, and they didn’t do anything for over a decade in power and only began to put their national child care plan in place under NDP pressure in a minority government.

They say we would “pull Canada out of Kyoto and kill $2 billion of funding to combat climate change”.
We won’t, and their commitment to Kyoto has been entirely nominal. Since Paul Martin became Prime Minister Canada’s emissions have increased faster than the United States. When he was campaigning against Jean Chretien, Paul Martin did his best to undermine Kyoto.

They say we would “join with George Bush and put Canada into the American Missile Defence Shield.”
We won’t, they did. On February 24, 2004, 105 Liberals voted against an NDP-supported motion to “oppose the proposed American antimissile defence shield and cease all discussions with the Bush administration on possible Canadian participation.” The nays were led by a troika of Prime Minister Paul Martin, then-Defence Minister John McCallum and former Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham.

They say we would help Stephen Harper “turn his back on the Kelowna agreement with Canada’s aboriginal peoples.”
We won’t, and nothing would have happened at Kelowna if the NDP hadn’t forced the deplorable conditions at Kashechewan onto the front pages and shamed the Liberal government into long-overdue action.