Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Paul Martin, Guaranteeing Wait Times?

"This is the most indisputably meaningless policy. What is Martin going to do? Will he impose wait times on the provinces? Will he withhold money if they fail and thus make it more difficult to succeed? The whole thing really is meaningless as far as I can tell."

Of course, I paraphrase.

So, since it seems that their policies are the same, they're both equally meaningless.

But, for some reason, the Liberal policy doesn't allow for the flexibility of funding health treatments outside of Canada in the case where Canada can't meet the guarantee. Why is that? What happens in that case? I'm genuinely curious. I would think that we would want to ensure that if a patient cannot get access to timely care, that we would stop at nothing to ensure that care is delivered.

That's what's ultimately important: the patient!

Of course, this is not an official release. There has been no need to implement the Kirby Report's recommendation for health care guarantees up until this point.

Afterall, it's meaningless.

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Sara said...

A double dog dare for the Liberals

Mark said...

Was gonna trash the Libs for this, but you've beaten me too it. Good post.

Mark said...

Typo. "too" = "to"