Friday, January 20, 2006

Liberal Candidate Endorses Conservative Candidate

Gilles Savard, the Liberal Party candidate for the Quebec riding of Jonquière-Alma endorses Conservative Party candidate, Jean-Pierre Blackburn [CBC, Liberal candidate concedes defeat in Quebec, then backtracks]:
"It's certain that tomorrow I won't be the member here," said Savard. "That said, in my mind I'm sure that Mr. Blackburn should be the next member, that's how I see it."
Mr. Savard then clarified his position [Canadian Newswire, Clarification from the candidate Gilles Savard]:
... I encourage all voters to exercise their democratic right, I hope that they will support candidates with federalist convictions who have the interests of Canada at heart.
This is a good message for everyone to take to the voting box in Quebec.

I will say, this election has got more twists and turns in it than professional wrestling. I'm waiting for somebody else to do a face turn. They should start issuing programs, because I can't keep track of who is supporting who anymore.

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