Sunday, January 22, 2006

Everybody's Doing It

Today is Election Eve here in Canada, and I'm essentially doing what everybody else is doing and pulling numbers out of my assumptions.

Conservative Party - 139
Liberal Party - 79
Bloc Québécois - 57
NDP - 33

This will present itself as a stable minority because each Opposition party represents a "balance" of power and no two can defeat the government.

Do I have any sweeping election predictions? Not really.

I think we'll see two leaders resign in the coming weeks - Liberal Party leader, Paul Martin, and Green Party leader, Jim Harris. I think the Greens will show strong - maybe even showing up second in some ridings - but not strong enough to win a seat. This will likely be Mr. Harris's last kick at the can. I think in the next phase, the Greens will swing back to the near fringe left.

In case I won't be around too much after the election, I thought I would respond now with my post election thoughts and commentary.
Wow! I can't believe we have a [Liberal, Conservative] [minority, majority]! That's got me so [stoked, depressed] beyond belief! I knew it was going to [be close, be a landslide], but I had no idea! This election has confirmed to me that [democracy just simply does not work, democracy is the single greatest human institution ever].

Goodbye [Belinda Stronach, Scott Brison, Tony Valeri, Anne McLellan, all of the above, some of the above]!

Who gave [Jason Kenney, Gilles Duceppe] a microphone?

How long before [Paul Martin, er ... just Paul] resigns?

Say what you want about the guy, but you really got to hand it to [Stephen Harper, Paul Martin]. If it weren't for [Jean Chrétien, Rick Mercer, Ralph Klein, Scott Reid, Stephen Harper, that dude who plays that 16-year old interviewer on This Hour Has 22 Minutes], the election would have turned out completely different!

Well, since it's a [minority, majority], looks like the next election is [in several months, in 4 years, never - all hail Emperor Klang!].
Meh. Seemed funnier when I wasn't so tired. :)

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