Friday, January 13, 2006

Anybody Hit the Wall Yet?

I think I'm starting to suffer from campaign fatigue.

I think if I hear "fundamentally" or "we're not making this up" or "we're going to deliver this" or "we're going to deliver that" one more time, I'm going to hurl myself from a window.

If an election date is set, can we use the notwithstanding clause to move it up a couple of weeks?


Anonymous said...

The FACT IS, that FUNDAMENTALLY, were going to deliver this.

Paul MacPhail said...

google fundamentally+paul martin.

The first move of a Conservative government should be to ban the use of the word "fundamentally"

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

1,390,000 results.

And just so I'm fair and balanced:

"accountability+stephen harper"

"credit card+jack layton"

"fiscal imbalance+gilles duceppe"


Unknown said...

I've gotten pretty sick of the election as well. Mostly because I don't think the campaigns have been run well, with the exception of the CPC. I do give that to you guys. You had the best campaign by far. Everyone else seems to be just barely skirting issues.

-Socialist Swine