Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Zellers = Scrooge

Wow [Canadian Press via, Que. man fired from Zellers for taking chocolate out of garbage for his kids]:

A single father of three fired for taking chocolate bars from a garbage bin at a Zellers store will get some Christmas cheer from a charitable organization.

Guy Masse, 47, had planned to give the discarded chocolate to his children, ages six, nine and 15, for Christmas.

Masse, who was on welfare and had been working at the store only for a couple of months, was first suspended and then fired.
How does Zellers respond?

"Unfortunately this associate breached the trust of his supervisors by removing merchandise from the store, and as a result, he was let go from his position.''
Did Zellers ask why their employee felt the need to take the chocolate bars from the garbage? Or better, does Zellers feel the chocolate bars serve a higher purpose in the garbage?

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