Thursday, December 22, 2005

You Can't Fire Her, She Already Quit

Liberal4Life eloquently paints Sheila Copps thusly [Liberal4Life, Sheila Copps Makes Me Sick]:
How the Hell can you support the principals of the the Liberal party when you're currently trying to defeat one of its Cabinet Ministers? Am I missing something here?!? She needs to be thrown out the party. I mean my God I have issues with the party too but that doesn't mean I go out and support the far righters or the far lefties.

The sad thing is there are probably Liberals out there that will still support piece of human garbage. Hey! YOU LOST! deal with it!
The "human garbage" let her Liberal Party membership lapse, as reported by the Hamilton Spectator; it's by subscription only but Google News lets you around that.
[Sheila] Copps, who has let her Liberal Party membership lapse, said [Liberal House Leader, Tony] Valeri does not deserve to get re-elected "because if you win your nomination using stealth, you don't deserve the confidence of the people."
Whoops. I just needed to show Sheila Copps let her membership lapse, not why she let it lapse. I guess she's still nobody's baby.

That said, both Conservative candidate, Frank Rukavina, and NDP candidate, Wayne Marston, are tapping into Sheila Copps' vast electoral experience [Ottawa Sun, Tory gets Copps' counsel].

Other takes:

Updated: Added Scott's take.

Updated x 2: Apparently, L4L is on to why I posted about his post. Yes. I simply wanted to post that you were factually incorrect. That's it. My reason for existence is over.

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RP. said...


Reg said...

The party's finacial woes must have forced a cutback on the koolaid. It appears the shills are getting a tad testy.

Anonymous said...

Well, I posted a comment over there, but it's a comment-moderation setup so we will have to see if the site owner has the guts to approve it, unchanged.

If you are over there, take a look at the toppish-left side where the Liberal media win days (I take it that's what it means) are shown in calendar format. Delusional. Purely delusional.

Desperation is setting in at Liberal blogs, I see. Good. Happy to see that some other party's supporters are going to have the pain this time.

Bailey said...

Like Eric metioned above, I posted a comment as well saying that she let her membership pass. Hopefully, L4L will amend his posting to say he was mistaken.

Anonymous said...

I too tried to post a comment...Sympathy for the blogger's Life Sentence. It's starting to sound like the Liberals, their media and their bloggers could all do with some "anger management therapy". Sound familiar? Their definition of democracy and freedom is ??

Anonymous said...

Warren Kinsella's blog covers this subject of Sheila Copps et al..

Anonymous said...

Ya I posted a comment there too, yet still 0 in the comments section. go figure

Anonymous said...

I also left a post, and no comments. Ahh, good ol' censorship. That's fine. We know who they vote for anyway. The basic premise of my post was "even though I'm no fan of Sheila Copps, she has every right to see the light, similar to your excuse for Scott Brison and Belinda Stronach. After all, it's the Charter, stupid."

Anonymous said...

Ah, Scott Tribe and his crew of LibLog wingnuts hate democracy. They talk the talk (like Martin and the Charter) but, when it comes to allowing postings at their sites to refute their positions, suddenly they get the "wets". Whoops, Charter inoperative.

Freedom of speech at their blogs? Not likely. It's only a "concept" for them to Dither about and slag others. Pulpits of Frustration, that's all.

Tribe even tries to disguise posts at BlogsCanada by using "WSAM" as a nom-de-plume, without backlinks. What a wimp. No courage of conviction, no personal responsibility. Like his party.

Typical Liberals --- drive-by postings, like drive-by shootings. L4L is merely another example of small minds trying to exist in an adult world with real issues to solve.