Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sirius Canada to Compete with ... Sirius US?

A Globe & Mail piece [A Sirius test: How to get subscribers on board without Stern] suggests that by Sirius Canada not picking up Howard Stern (for whatever reason that no one seems to be commenting on) may face competition from Sirius US:
Plans by New York-based Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. to add controversial talk show host Howard Stern to its lineup on Jan. 9 could put the Canadian company, which is not picking up the program, in a fight for listeners with its part-owner.

Although Canada's new satellite radio industry is expected to diminish much of the grey market that thrived over the past few years, where listeners tap into U.S. signals, Mr. Stern's show threatens to lure Canadian listeners away.

Analysts estimate there are as many as 60,000 grey market listeners in Canada who subscribe to U.S. satellite radio. Converting that audience to Canadian subscriptions is now a key job for Sirius Canada and Canadian Satellite Radio Inc., operator of the XM network.
The same piece also indicates that Sirius Canada has denied the claim that Howard will appear on Sirius Canada in March.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sirius Canada,money speaks volumes eh???? About time you brought Howard Stern on board,otherwise $17.00 a month(that 14.999 doesn't include tax!) is even more of a massive rip off.Not to mention the cost of the equipment you need to listen. But for Howard we will pay.