Friday, December 16, 2005

British Tories to Form "Modern, Mainstream, Progressive" Option to Labour

I'm not saying anything, I'm just saying.

I think if we look to conservative political movements elsewhere, we can find strategies for success, such that we can appeal to other segments of the population that have typically shied away from the Conservative Party. Ultimately, that is what a political movement is about, delivering on the message that Canadians know to be right.

I think we can borrow elements from the direction of the new Conservative Party of the UK for the Conservative Party of Canada to replace a stagnant Liberal government. I believe their vision meshes with our own.

The hesitation for some, would be that David Cameron, the new leader of the Conservative Party, describes himself as "liberal", but, as Christina [The Centre for Progressive Conservatism] says:

David Cameron ... is being seen as rather liberal because of his emphasis on “we as well as me” politics. Indeed, he describes himself as liberal, by which he means the traditional sense of “liberal” not the authoritarian Nanny State “liberalism” which tells people what to think as well as what to do.

I think the Conservative Party of Canada embraces a lot of these beliefs and we should expand on them. Canadians do not want to be told what's good for them; we already know, and we want that from our government.

I support Mr. Cameron's lead, and I support Britain's new choice for federal government.

Hat tip, to Christina, over at ProgCon.

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ferrethouse said...

In other news...

The poll of 2,013 Canadians conducted Dec. 9-13 found that 55% agreed the issue should be decided by parliamentarians.

Anonymous said...

"British Tories to Form 'Modern, Mainstream, Progressive' Option to Labour" ...

An interesting take on the whole affair: "We now have a non-Tory leading the Conservative Party, to go with our non-Labourite leader of the Labour Party." David Cameron and the demise of Conservatism

D said...

That's funny, wasn't there always a modern, mainstream, progressive option to the Liberal party? Yes there was, it was called the Progressive-Conservative party. And thankfully, there still is and it is not the CPC.

First step from the CPC to become more "modern, mainstream and progressive" is ditching Steven Harper and gutting the West's redneck MPs like Rob Anders who's supporters have the party's core in a headlock. But then again, that's the Reform/Alliance for ya - and until serious changes in leadership are made it will be the CPC too.