Saturday, November 26, 2005

You Win Some ...

... and you lose some.

Bas Balkissoon, Liberal - 9,347 (57.6%)
Cynthia Lai, Progressive Conservative - 4,032 (24.9%)
Alan Mercer, Libertarian - 100 (0.6%)
Rina Morra, Family Coalition Party - 93 (0.6%)
Wayne Simmons, Freedom Party - 59 (0.4%)
Steven P. Toman, Green Party - 167 (1.0%)
Sheila White, NDP - 2,425 (14.9%)

- Source, Elections Ontario

I said before this was going to be a tough fight, especially so when one of your opponents is a sitting Toronto councillor who's been in the job since 1988. It's almost impossible to beat name recognition like that.

What's unfortunate, however, is it seems only 19% of the riding voted. On the plus side, I wouldn't entirely endorse this as a change in Ontario Liberal fortunes, but I hope Mr. Balkissoon is correct when he says he thinks it was the weather that kept people home and not voter apathy. It doesn't bode well for a federal holiday campaign. For some perspective, Alvin Curling won this riding in the 2003 general election with 24,000 votes.

Now, with Mr. Balkissoon's seat vacated, I wonder if Cynthia should consider running for that council seat? She has the endorsement of two other sitting councillors plus she has done all the campaigning - people know her.

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Rodney said...

Conservative vote, was below what Mike Harris and Ernie Eves got in 1995 and 1999. Probably goes to show you that Richie Rich John Tory's mealy-mouthed Red Toryism isn't winning any friends.

It's too bad Jim Flaherty is making the jump to federal politics. He'd be a real leader.

It doesn't help when Tory, who we picked to win votes in Toronto, finds PC candidates who will a black audience that she'd be a good MPP for the riding because she has a lot of black friends.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Scarborough-Rouge River was going to be a tough fight, regardless of who the Ontario PC leader is. It's been Liberal solidly since 1985 (that's during the David Peterson experiment), 1990 (during the Bob Rae experiment), and the coming of Mike Harris in 1995.

Had, for instance, the same number of PC supporters had come out in this election had they had in 2003, it would have been a near tie.

It was likely voter apathy coupled with the bad weather that kept the voters home, and not "mealy-mouthed Red Toryism".